How do you manage reward and recognition in your remote team?

Remote working is becoming increasingly common as modern technologies continue to improve and businesses start to understand the positive role it can play in people’s lives. Recently, of course, workers all around the country have retreated to their home offices as Covid-19 has taken hold in the UK, compelling people to distance themselves from others. 
In many cases, the possibility of remote working has been an important lifeline for business during a time of national and global crisis. It is important for HR managers to understand, however, that working from home is not always easy and can have an impact on employees’ mental health. So how can you ensure that morale is boosted, and productivity remains high during periods when a large proportion of staff members will be at home? We’ve put together a few ideas to help you ensure that remote teams get the recognition they deserve. 

1. Establish a virtual community 
One of the biggest issues surrounding remote working is the loss of community spirit that can be easily conjured in a physical office. Fortunately, there is a substitute. Virtual communities can be generated through video conferences, online chats and social media groups. By encouraging workers to log on and let each other know how well they are doing, they will feel rewarded in their role and motivated to keep producing high-quality work. 

2. Check in with your staff members 
A good way of reducing feelings of isolation is to check in with staff members on a regular basis. Ask how each team member is coping with online one-to-one sessions. During these sessions, let them know about the specific things they have done well in the past few weeks or months. This will boost their mood in a much more profound way than if you were to praise them in a generic, non-specific way. 
You could also send out pulse surveys to the whole team to gauge wellbeing levels, offering employees small rewards in return for completing them. If you do both things, employees will feel valued and recognised. 

3. Send physical rewards 
If you are used to giving employees physical rewards in the office, there is no reason to stop doing so when working remotely. Send them a treat or words of encouragement through the post to decrease feelings of isolation and help them to feel more connected to the business. 

4. Boost morale in your remote team with web-based platforms 
Managers and HR professionals can look after the mental health and wellbeing of their employees with the help of web-based platforms and management tools. There’s never been a better time to harness the powers of digital technology. 


For more information on how to manage your team effectively, with tips to looking after employee wellbeing and productivity, download our handy guide: Managing the wellbeing and productivity of your remote team.