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Latest stories

Setting boundaries while working remotely

Working remotely, as many of us are probably discovering, is a very different beast to working within an office environment. Most of us rely on those familiar structures to our working day: the alarm clock set for the same time each morning, the routine you have...

Minority mental health: The real story

Since 2008, July has been promoted as Minority Mental Health Month.  It aims to raise awareness to the unique struggles that under represented groups face in regard to mental illness. In this blog I explore some of the minority groups and how their mental health is...
Why outsource your wellbeing plan?

Why outsource your wellbeing plan?

A Wellness Action Plan is a tool implemented in the workplace to help you and your employees discuss how you can all take care of your mental wellbeing at work and what factors might pose a risk to your mental health. A Wellness Action Plan will help to improve the...

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