Culture at work

Data driven insight. Expert led growth. Scale unleashed.

Understand your people

Understand your people

Discover and understand the hidden data driving culture.

Empower thriving teams

Empower thriving teams

Ignite engagement from attraction to exit.

Unleash scale

Unleash scale

Activate purpose, maximise culture.

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Act on facts, not fiction.

Poorly defined company culture isn’t just bad for business (and ethics), it’s a significant business risk.

Lumien empowers you with the ability to see and understand how workplace culture affects your people, processes and performance.

We work with you to turn data into a magnetic employee experience that empowers your workforce, mitigates risk, and builds an agile, inclusive culture. We’ll help you unlock and activate the insights that fuel sustainable scale.

Understand your people

Track what matters most

Taking the right decisions to realise ambition is about having enough of the right data and knowing what to do with it. Understand culture and empower your people.

Empower thriving teams

Activate purpose

Define and activate purpose with the power to align, motivate and engage your people and let your culture eat strategy for breakfast.

Understand your people

Accelerate success

Inconsistent spot action is waste of time and resource. Guide culture in the right direction by taking the meaningful actions that come from data.

Book a discovery call

Do you know what actually makes your culture unique, and why your people choose to work for and stay with you?

We’re not interested in pushy sales calls, but we are keen to learn about some of the challenges you might be facing right now.

Booking a discovery call is an opportunity for you to ask us any questions you might have, and for us to ask a handful of questions about you to understand some fundamentals.

Please feel free to choose a time when a quick, informal quick 20 minute Zoom call with one of the Lumien team would be convenient.

What our users say…

“Lumien’s insights and expertise will help us cultivate a truly thriving culture where every team member feels valued, engaged, and empowered to deliver their very best.
James Cole

Founder & Chief Executive, Panache Cruises

“As a director of the business, I am acutely aware of the financial implications of poor culture , and Lumien assists me in improving the situation of my employees and hence productivity on a monthly basis.

The reports are superbly presented, incredibly useful and provide more than adequate evidence of our commitment to culture”

Sarah Foster

Registered Manager and Homecare Services Director, Homecare Services

“During the pandemic, Lumien allowed us to be close enough to our employee’s to really understand how they felt and the things that were on their mind, at a time we needed to the most”
Darren Glover - Director of People at L&R Medical

“Lumien reminded me to take two minutes out of my schedule & pointed me in the direction of culture tools that were useful for me.”

Ollie Martin, Get Curious

Become a magnet for high performing people.

Measure, track and act on your culture to ignite engagement, and accelerate scale.


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ISO 27001 Cert. No. 280182021

ISO 27001 Cert. No. 280182021