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Understand how your employees feel about your organisation and equip yourself with unique, actionable insight in to your real culture. Let your people know you’re serious about developing a genuinely great organisation for you all to to be a part of.

Learn how your employees feel about you as an employer in an unbiased way.

Step 1 – Our 8 question Culture Insights Report highlights key attraction, engagement, and value alignment factors and takes less than 2 minutes to complete.

Step 2 – Employer Brand Touchpoint Analysis: Take advantage of an employer brand touchpoint analysis based on the systems and frameworks used in agency brand development. You’ll receive a report outlining where your employer brand is strong and where it may need some work to help you attract, engage, hire and retain better.

Understand how your organisation attracts the people it does, and why they decide to join and stay with you.


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What our users say…

As a director of the business, I am acutely aware of the financial implications of poor well-being within, and Lumien assists me in improving the situation of my staff and hence productivity on a monthly basis.

The reports are superbly presented, incredibly useful and provide more than adequate evidence of our commitment to staff well-being

Sarah Foster

Registered Manager and Homecare Services Director, Homecare Services

I have found Lumien to be a helpful tool in tackling all sorts of new obstacles by increasing my awareness of my thoughts and emotions. Based on my responses, Lumien suggests helpful tips and techniques, active steps that help me to take charge and better understand what I’m experiencing.

Lumien Personal User

Lumien reminded me to take two minutes out of my schedule & pointed me in the direction of tools that were useful for me.

Ollie Martin, Get Curious

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