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We are all facing new and unique challenges, from new technology to isolation.

We want to help, so we’re teaming up with some of our favourite wellbeing experts, from leaders in mental health, to ex-professional sports stars.

Lumien provides targeted, wellbeing reports to individuals. The reports help you to understand your wellbeing, what’s impacting your productivity, and offer you the support & resources you need to make positive changes.

What to expect. 

  • Receive questions once a week by email (~ 2 mins to answer).
  • Questions about a range of subjects from nutrition and sleep, through to indicators of stress.
  • Some questions will be linked to the current period (e.g. remote working).
  • Receive a weekly report containing your wellbeing scores in different areas.
  • More areas will appear as the weeks go on.
  • Your scores will be linked to your productivity.
  • You will be provided with recommended resources, based on your scores.
  • The total trial length will be 6 weeks, with options to continue after this.

Please note: Lumien is not a diagnostic tool, it tracks indicators that you may be experiencing less than optimal wellbeing and empowers you to make changes for a healthier, more productive life. 

Your Data.

  • We respect your privacy and your wellbeing data is stripped of any identifying information, only you can see your individual report.
  • We will combine your anonymous wellbeing data with all other users data and this information will be made publicly available. This information will never contain any names, emails or other identifying information.
  • The report will show the impact on different demographics whilst remote working due to Covid 19. We hope that this data will be useful to individuals, businesses and local authorities and help them to provide extra support where it is needed.