New feature: Advanced lumien personal check-ins

We are really excited to announce the launch of a new platform feature – advanced check-ins.

Lumien personal is currently available to all employees of a customer organisation. It is there to support the individual on their personal journey to better wellbeing and to supply the organisation with the data required to manage their teams’ wellbeing.

All of their data is kept anonymous and reported to their employer at a combined population score.

Ben Skirth, Co-Founder at Lumien said:

 “Every time you check in with lumien you are adding waypoints to a map of your wellbeing, your teams wellbeing and your organisations wellbeing. You are not doing it just for yourself, but for those around you as well.

Each question you answer is mapped across over 80 individual areas. Scores from all questions are then combined to create your wellbeing scores.

If you feel your wellbeing is all in order and you don’t want to make any changes then that’s great, but taking five minutes a week to check in with lumien will enable the system to create a more accurate map of your teams wellbeing. Which in turn allows your employer to make smarter decisions about how they can support employees, your responses may be helping someone in your team, or within another team in your organisation.

Everyone get’s the support they need so completing check-in’s is a win for all.”