How to ensure your wellbeing events run smoothly – Top Tips

As more and more businesses recognise that employee wellbeing has a big impact on productivity, morale and staff turnover, savvy bosses are increasingly turning to internal events and platforms to assess the wellbeing of their workforce. If you’re considering running a wellbeing event, here are some tips to ensure it goes off without any hitches.

Explain the purpose

If you want to benefit from conducting a corporate wellbeing event, you need to get your staff on side. Explain to them what the purposes of the event are, how the event can benefit them and the business, and what actions can be taken to improve staff wellbeing. By setting clear goals and outcomes from the start, there is less confusion among attendees, and employees will feel more relaxed and confident of how the event can help them.

Easy feedback

Wellbeing is a widespread term that can veer towards sensitive issues, such as employee mental health, financial struggles and even relationship concerns. Sometimes people feel reluctant to admit they’re suffering from these issues, perhaps because they feel embarrassed, or worry that it might impact on their employment.

Therefore, when conducting an employee wellbeing event, it’s important to create an open environment where people feel comfortable mentioning any potentially sensitive issues without fear of judgement, or even the option to voice opinions anonymously. Providing a range of media or different wellbeing platform options may help to elicit a wider response rate from participants, enabling you to gather the necessary data and feedback you require.

Whatever kind of platforms you use to gather information to assess the wellbeing of your organisation, your wellbeing analytics should be as accurate as possible, easy to draw conclusions from and monitor going forward.

Actionable goals

A successful wellbeing event should be a two-way process. It should give you the information you need to find out how healthy your workforce is, but it should also prove enlightening and helpful to those that might need support with various wellbeing issues. The goal of your event is to bolster wellbeing, so you should include tailored measures or actions that staff can easily take to assist them to make improvements in their life.