Lumien new feature: Wellness Action Plan
29th February 2020

We’ve been speaking to our users in organisations to get feedback on Lumien, and we’ve found a common theme. Our customers understand that Lumien offers great insight into their workforce, but how do they actually go about implementing change? What steps do they need to take? What support do they need to offer? When and where does this need to be done? 

Our engineering team here at Lumien have been hard at work on a new feature.

We’ve created a tool that allows you to connect with providers who can build your action plan. Either experienced individuals or teams that work in the wellbeing or organisational development industries can now link with you through Lumien, work with you to understand your data and build a plan that will positively impact your organisation.   

Lumien will of course continue to track your employee wellbeing, measuring the impact of the plan, whilst also providing further insight to support the development of your wellness action plan.

All you have to do is implement the steps. The planner will act as a vital communication tool between you and your provider making sure you get the best out of your relationship.  

If you already work with a provider then they will be able to create a Lumien account and get started with your plan right away.  

We hope to release the action planner around Easter 2020.  

On top of this we have been working on updates to our reporting. You will now be able to access reports that show changes over time in your organisation, and we are slowly introducing comparisons so that you can see how your data compares to other companies.

At the moment this is using an average across all industries and users, but as we build up our data sets we hope to be able to offer the comparisons across a number of demographics, allowing real context for your results.   

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