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1) Remote working: what does it mean for your employees’ productivity and wellbeing? 

There are some very simple things that employers can do to ensure their employees are able to work effectively during this period of self-isolation. By communicating frequently, and by making your messaging as clear and honest as possible, your employees will feel more secure and less stressed. Giving them access to…’

2) 4 top tips for managing your remote team 

‘You need to be certain that employees are not only aware of their own responsibilities but know they can reach you should they have questions or queries. Micromanaging is not preferable – it can be incredibly off-putting for employees and reduce their productivity – but you need to retain an element of structure…’


3) How to keep hitting your targets as a remote team

‘The very best thing you, as the employer, can do to keep morale and productivity high is to ensure that everyone knows where they stand, how the company is faring, and what this means for their role. Honesty is always the best policy, but in this instance its importance cannot be overstated.’


4) 3 tools to improve collaboration when working remotely 

‘If you have reluctant home workers, you could find that feelings of isolation and demotivation are common. You need to replicate office communications digitally. Encourage remote workers to exchange ideas, concerns and general chatter online – forming project-specific ‘chat groups’. This builds a sense of connection and the ability to share concerns and questions with colleagues.’

5) How should you monitor the mental health & wellbeing of your remote team? 

‘Remote working can leave some employees feeling out of the loop. Perhaps they’re harbouring bitterness, or upset because they feel like they’re ignored? Maybe they have a great idea for the company, but feel like nobody’s listening? Once you’ve collected feedback from your employees, you can see what needs to be changed. This is a fantastic way to check on each worker’s mental health.’


6) Protecting against social isolation: 5 ways to be there for your remote employees

‘Emotional intelligence in leadership is more important than ever. While supporting your team to be productive and focused, you also need to address their authentic concerns and issues. The work-life balance is in disarray, not least as they could have kids home from school and elderly relatives to worry about.’


7) How do you manage reward and recognition in your remote team? 

‘Managers and HR professionals can look after the mental health and wellbeing of their employees with the help of web-based platforms and management tools. There’s never been a better time to harness the powers of digital technology.’


8) Keeping sight of your company vision and mission when the team goes remote 

‘With everyone accessing the same shared resources instantly, everyone understands the new business goals and processes, right? Wrong. You can’t just assume your employees are shifting and changing in line with the decisions made by their superiors. Even when you send out mission statements and all manner of meaty mandates.’


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