3 tools to improve collaboration when working remotely

Countless employees have begun working from home for the first time, and in many cases, the shift to a dispersed workforce has been unwelcome and swift. 
Apart from the pace of this change, uncertainty about a finish date for Covid-19 restrictions is leaving some staff feeling bewildered. However, it must be ‘business as usual’ to protect your organisation’s commercial future. You need effective digital communication and collaboration to ensure that tasks are orchestrated and completed remotely. 
Alongside this, HR needs to monitor and underpin the mental health and resilience of their home working staff. The principle that happy, motivated staff are more productive is even more relevant, as Covid-19 impacts on your team’s concentration levels and sense of wellbeing. 
Here are three tools to improve collaboration in digital workplaces. 

Your own intranet software 
If your organisation uses its intranet purely as a library of resources, E-Learning platform and delivery system for management notices, the time has come to use it more effectively. 
If you haven’t done already, update project management software and other intranet features, and start to generate blogs, chatboxes and other more fluid and embracing communications. Also, remind your staff what your vision is, keep them informed and show appreciation. This avoids home workers feeling cut off or ignored. 

Messaging and social platforms 
No, we’re not suggesting freedom to use Facebook all day! 
There are social platforms designed for remote workers, such as Slack, which provides both text and audiovisualexchanges. You can use it to share PDFs, images and other data too. 
If you have reluctant home workers, you could find that feelings of isolation and demotivation are common. You need to replicate office communications digitally. 
Encourage remote workers to exchange ideas, concerns and general chatter online – forming project-specific ‘chat groups’. This builds a sense of connection and the ability to share concerns and questions with colleagues. Line managers can gauge if anyone is struggling. Social platforms can also be a hotbed of innovations and improvements! 

Responsive HR management tool 
The third top tool for remote working support is a web-based platform to create a strong, digitalised connection between HR personnel and a dispersed workforce. 
You need software that supports the human elements of digital workplaces, helping to increase productivity and enhance project management outcomes, but also improving employee health and wellbeing. 
Digitising these functions means you can deliver insightful and responsive resources to home-based staff and stimulate regular feedback. This enables managers to check in regularly, recognising and rewarding remote workers and taking swift action when issues arise. 

Beyond the strong team spirit and sense of connection this all brings, it can also save you considerable admin time and money!


For more information on how to manage your team effectively, with tips to looking after employee wellbeing and productivity, download our handy guide: Managing the wellbeing and productivity of your remote team.