Outsourcing your wellness events? – The Benefits

Wellness events can be great for your company (see the benefits here: 5 ways wellness events are beneficial to your organisation). However, organising a wellness event can be difficult. Along with marketing and engaging with employees, you also need to find the ideal venue, organise the schedule and programme, book people to run the sessions, and deal with the finances and bookkeeping, and that’s all without mentioning insurance!

As such, many companies find that the best way to organise a wellness event is to outsource it – feedback from our repeat clients tell us that it’s the most relaxing way too. Here are some of the main benefits you will receive from outsourcing your corporate wellbeing events.


1. Everything is managed by experts

There are so many different aspects of event planning, and this is especially true for wellness events. The wide range of expertise and skills needed are often not held by one individual, and anyone without direct experience in these fields may trip up on common errors. Outsourcing allows you to be sure that professionals will be organising your event at every stage, leaving you free to relax.

2. Employee mental health remains the focus

Any internal wellness events may be influenced by the company, and restrictions on the event, from lack of expertise to not being able to find the right venue, mean that the focus will become diluted. However, when your event is professionally run, you can be sure that the focal point will always be on your employees and their mental health.

3. Outsourcing can offer new ideas

When many people think of wellness events, they imagine a corporate away day. However, with changing technology and the rise of remote and digital workers, more and more people are choosing to use web-based online wellbeing platforms. These can be a real advantage for modern companies, allowing all employees to engage with their corporate wellbeing events regardless of their location or geographical flexibility.