A Wellness Action Plan is a tool implemented in the workplace to help you and your employees discuss how you can all take care of your mental wellbeing at work and what factors might pose a risk to your mental health. A Wellness Action Plan will help to improve the wellbeing of everyone in the workplace and also act as a source of support for staff members in need of recovery. The plan usually comes in the form of a written document and functions as an agreement with everyone in the workplace to encourage ongoing discussions about mental health.

Collaborating on your Wellness Action Plan

If you’re a business owner, supervisor or manager and you haven’t drawn up a Wellness Action Plan before, it’s a good idea to outsource your plan to an external provider. This way, you can guarantee that you can rely on the guidance and expert knowledge of a team who have extensive experience in helping businesses and organisations take care of the mental health of their staff. By collaborating on a Wellness Plan with a team of experts, you not only avoid making errors in the creation of your plan but you also have the opportunity to merge their expertise and wealth of experience with your own intimate knowledge of the individual needs of your employees. An outsourced Wellness Action Plan provider can provide you with a template to get you started on the creation of your plan while you contribute with your own personal touches, ensuring that your plan fulfils your unique requirements.

How can I choose a provider to outsource to?

When you’re choosing a wellbeing platform to help you create your Wellness Action Plan, it’s a good idea to choose a provider that puts collaboration at the heart of their service while offering you the tools you need to create a bespoke plan. It’s also important to ensure that your provider is easy to get in touch with and is quick to respond to any queries and concerns you might have so that you can introduce your new plan to your workforce as soon as possible.


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